“Wine is the Jewellry of food” – Keith Tullock 2009

Wine (* NEW *)

“Without good wine, what is good food? Without good food, what is good wine?”

Monsieur Bernard Vallet
The London Carriage Works

The Wines

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We currently stock 180 Bins numbered wines plus private selections and bin end Magnums & Vintages. The list covers the regions of France, Italy, Spain, Sicily, Chile, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Argentina.

We try to offer a variety of grape varieties not just from the mainstream like Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon but the interesting blends and indigenous varieties that give unique flavours and perfumes such as Carmenere, Viognier, Nero Davola, Macabeo, Arneis as well as gewürztraminer, Mouvedre or Nebbiolo.

We have five wine suppliers who have strengths in different areas throughout the wine world. We enjoy working with them because of their commitment and dedication to finding small artisan producers who make wine with passion, flair and quality fruit. Like a great dish great wine is fundamentally about growing the best fruit. Thus the integrity of great wine is all about the producers’ standards and understanding of the soil, climate and the love and care.

The Wine List