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Rillette of sweet white and brown Brixham crab meat served with flavours of gazpacho, pickled radish and avocado

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Check out our Prix Fixe menu two courses for £19.50 and three courses for £25.00.

Our Prix Fixe Menu is available:

Monday: 12 noon to 3pm and 5pm to 10pm

Tuesday to Saturday: 12 noon to 3pm and 5pm to 6.30pm

Sunday: 12 noon to 9pm

The Menus

The London Carriage Works renowned collection of menus

The London Carriage Works is dedicated to sourcing the very best ingredients available. The wealth and variety of the produce of the North West region is an inspiration to our chefs and waiters.  We have vegetables from Claremont Farm on the Wirral, sea bass caught from Liverpool bay, Duroc pork, a rare Iron Age breed from the Rhug Estate in North Wales and Barnston beef from Callum Edge.  Further a field we source with the same care, from our charcuterie and olive oils from Spain, to olives from Italy and Greece.  Our cheese list is a selection of some of our favourites from around the British Isles.

Our prix fixe menu concentrates on the fantastic produce we have on our doorsteps within a 25 mile radius of The London Carriage Works. The food miles are minimal, the flavours and quality are there for all to taste, and we hope it gives an honest feel of what we believe is a true market regional menu. This will of course change in content as mother nature tells us throughout the year.